1 year Master of the Politecnico di Milano 17th edition - Starting date: March 16th 2020 Academic training + internship

Culture of living - domestic space

The new imagination: traditional ways, trends, future objects for daily life. Interiors today and the evolution of living. How living is represented in the media. Interiors and the psychology of living. Space as narrative: signs, symbols, codes, and meanings in interior architecture. Interiors as strategy elements: languages and archetypal settings. Interiors between fashion and design. The urban setting. Other cultures of living.
Domestic Space
Evolving domestic space and new ideas for living. Choosing between handcrafted and mass-produced construction. Living with the senses: perception, shapes, and objects. Home furnishing and sensory settings. Proxemics and relations within space. Ambient healthfulness and comfort. The quality of space. Functionality and meaning of space and of its furnishings.

Interiors are one of the areas of design which is undergoing the fastest transformation. Today interior design includes and goes far beyond the traditional definition of the intimate components of architecture. An evolution which is changing both professional practices and careers.

Characteristics and aims

MID University Master's in Interior Design - tenth edition – is the offspring of the collaboration between POLI.design, Consortium of Politecnico of Milan, and SPD - Scuola Politecnica di Design. It is a graduate Master’s course  course with a complete advanced educational programme which brings together the experience of two major academic institutions in Italy.
The educational pathway includes lessons and interniship at selected compagnie and offers 60 university credits (CFU) acknowledged by the MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research). After the successful completion of the course, the 1st level University  Master’s diploma of the Politecnico di Milano will be awarded.
The Master’s course offers an advanced education programme with a professional orientation. The training pathway is a synthesis of theoretical knowledge, research, project based activities and professional practice. Project experiences which develop full interior design skills with a focus on both private and public spaces from offices to hotels and entertainment centers. Interiors are intended as relational spaces, designed to organize all of our human activities creating engagement on a physical, emotional, social level.
The Content staff, selected among the Politecnico di Milano and SPD’s faculties, is made up of designers, university researchers and professionals from different sectors.